Yoga Alliance USA certified 200 hour yoga Teacher Training is residential hatha yoga training course in Rishikesh India for beginners to intermediate practitioners. Designed for beginners to intermediate level yoga practitioners, 200 hour residential yoga teacher training course RYS 200 is a doorway to RYT 200 of the Yoga Alliance USA. The students gradually achieve theoretical understanding of yogic philosophy along with advancing in practical implementation. Flexibility in body position, control of breath, conscious breathing, introspection, and better understanding of own body are the important realizations that yoga practitioners feel and gradually gain greater mastery over if they regularly practice. The RYT 200 can work as assistant yoga teacher under a lead teacher. Transmitting knowledge is one of the most effective way on gaining better understanding of the skills learned and expanding the knowledge. After teaching Yoga for 2 years with at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience, the practitioner can register with E-RYT 200 and provide education classes and workshops to other teachers. S/he can also act as a Lead Trainer of a 200-hour teacher training program.

If you have RYT 200, you can also become RYT 500. For it, you should either first teach 100 hours and then complete 300 hour YTT or you can first complete 300 hour YTT and earn the teaching experience of 100 hours within one year. RYT 500 allows you to teach anywhere in the world as lead teacher. Yoga is a philosophical skill that more you explore, more you learn and more you attain peace. We are pleased to offer this service to hundreds of students around the world each year.

Dates Status Price How to Apply
to 24 Dec 2016 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
to 28 Jan 2017 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
to 08 Apr 2017 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
to 3 June 2017 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
to 05 Aug 2017 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
to 30 Sep 2017 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
to 25 Nov 2017 :: ( RYT 200 Hour Certification in Rishikesh India) Booking Open $1400 Apply
Vishwa Shanti Yoga School
Hotel Yog Vashisth, Near Vanprasth Ashram, Part-2, Sawargashram
Ram Jhula, Rishikesh, India, Uttarakhand 249304

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh, India offers the students/practitioners an opportunity to explore their inner self and reflect upon themselves to attain a higher level of peace and understanding of the universe. Classes combining theory and practical classes to guide an individual become self aware and free from worldly chains and troubles help students detach from materialistic discomfort and become self-conscious. The Yoga classes are a mix of sattvik food, simple-peaceful living, attachment to nature (the Himalayas, water bodies), exposure to eastern traditional yogic practices, knowledge of self, daily preaching and routined spiritual practices, and Ayurvedic massage, healing and therapy . If you spend a little more time exploring the people and places, the diverse culture of India, people’s devotion towards the nation and their love for culture and tradition will spellbound you. If you are from a country where personal freedom counts high, you will get a cultural shock how people here live in joint family and yet are happy, how the children and grandchildren grow with grandparents and enjoy the life they live in an environment of love, care and daily sharing of personal incidences.Diverse yet unified, India boosts over hundreds of things, one among which is Yoga – the ancient traditional skill originated in this land – the land where the Hindu gods and goddesses lived in the ancient era, the land that stores the stories and mythologies that have been translated to scientific inventions by the modern day scientists.

Yoga ttc in Rishikesh India

Everyday our inbox is full with inquiries regarding Yoga Courses. Individuals who are new to the field but want to develop themselves as Yoga teachers in days ahead, practitioners who have achieved a level of yogic experience and want to learn more, the peace loving creatures who want to plunge into the spiritual world and help thousands of others gain self-consciousness, the spiritual souls who have realized the inner meaning of life and want to develop their capacity in connecting with the supreme – all inquire about the courses that best suits them. We tell them about RYT 200, RYT 500, explain those who have formerly completed 200 Hour Yoga TTC that 300 Hour Yoga TTC will help them earn RYT 500 if they have taught Yoga for at least 100 hours and this will make them professional Yoga teacher. Those who have short holidays choose short courses – yoga retreats, special courses on Vinyasa Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyanger Yoga or the Samadhi course – we provide them what they need. Students in colleges/universities who have one month break choose 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, those who have longer holidays choose to even work with us after completing the course – they volunteer in our school and gain teaching experience in the mean time. We share an environment of love, spiritualism and eternal peace in the school.

ethical guidelines

The organization Vishwa Shanti Yoga inherits the ancient approach of yoga to inculcate and infuse the wisdom of yoga in each and every student of Vishwa Shanti Yoga. To see this vision in to practice the whole design of teaching and learning is framed in such a way that ethical sense becomes inevitable for all the members of Vishwa Shanti Yoga. At Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh,India the very beginning of the day starts with the ancient code of conduct prescribed in the name of Dincharya (the daily regimen). Every day activities are arranged in the light of Ritucharya (seasonal code of conduct). Moreover, every step of behavior of the individual is visualized under the concept of Achar-rasayan (behavioral chemistry).

We see the whole spectrum of Yama (rules, how to act in the society) and Niyama (personal code and conducts) prescribed by Mahrishi Patanjali need to be seen into practical, day to day behavioral terminology. If not hundred percent, at least whatever feasible that should be practiced sincerely and honestly. We feel this sense of transparency in the behavior of an individual is essential to be in the path of Yoga.

The system of the traditional teaching some time may differ from the west. Therefore, students are advised to make their mind before they apply or get registered for our yoga teacher training program. Even some time the fundamental understanding of yogic path may differ from what is taught in yoga schools in the west.
Those, who are just expecting some of the modified versions of physical exercises in the name of Yoga, then Yoga Training Rishikesh may not be a right place. One should apply only if he/she is willing to follow the strict yogic rules and regulations of the Peeth

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh - Reviews
Loved by Our Students Around the World

  • 200 hour YTT course among a group of 10 people at Vishwa Shanti Yoga was an amazing experience. Learning how to stretch and contract your muscles, how to sit/stand, how to teach the same to masses that comprise of people from various background, thoughts and attitude – I felt like learning to become myself and accept the realities around me more clearly. In a month time, I have been a different person in my own eyes.

    Madison Ava
  • From the time I started as a yoga teacher, life has been placid and joyous but I felt incomplete. Like all other yoga students, I too had a deep desire to make a visit to the Yoga Capital, Rishikesh one day. I made it for 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Vishwa Shanti Yoga and yes, it was worth it. The motivating instructors and well managed course structure has helped me become more professional and devoted towards my work.

    Mark Schweitzer
  • Most of the time of our life is spent maintaining our businesses, completing the pending jobs and addressing other's needs. We don't have time to realize how much our body needs nurturing. I spent only a week at Vishwa Shanti Yoga School in Rishikesh and it was like each cell of my body got nurtured. It was relaxing and refreshing. To get out of your everyday schedule, get away from all the nets and ties and live a few days for yourself... you will feel certainly good. I would recommend you to go to Vishwa Shanti Yoga School to be among a team of professionals who well know how to help you live for yourself.

    Sarah Augustine