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Meditation is one of the eight limbs of Yoga as defined in Asthanga (or Raja) Yoga. It is a unified whole of concentration, prayer, mantra chanting and devotion towards the supreme. Scholars of the field consider meditation as a higher level of Yoga practice that nears to Samadhi. The final destination of all types of yoga practice is unity with the supreme.

Spelled as Dhyana in Sanskrit, meditation is attained through regular yogic practice on the rest of the seven limbs of yoga – restrictions (Yamas), observances (Niyamas), postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama), non-attachment (Pratyahara) and concentration (Dharana).

Different religious sects define meditation in their own way. Yoga practice in the east and west are similar but different. In the east, traditional yoga practice following the integral skills and knowledge disseminated from the ancient yoga practitioners (Rishi/Maharshis) is transferred to the modern day saints and yoga practitioners. Most Yoga institutions integrate meditation on their own way and transfer the knowledge but the important point is Yoga and meditation are inseparable. A meditator devotes her actions, activities, words and wills to the supreme with a faith that there is the head of all who creates, preserves, destroys; who leads, lights and extinguishes. This way, Samadhi is attained.

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    Madison Ava
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