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The Kundalini Yoga, also widely known as Siddha Yoga is a complete package of Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja or Astanga Yoga and Jnana Yoga which can be taught by only the Siddha Guru. Siddha Yoga leads to salvation. Only the individuals who have practiced yoga/meditation for years and attained a level of self-consciousness can prompt for Siddha yoga practice. These are the masters of yogic practice who have gained philosophical, theoretical and practical knowledge and helped hundreds of students acquire knowledge. In Kundalini Yoga classes, the yoga elements - breathing, yoga postures, non-attachment, concentration and meditation are taught in such a manner that the students begin to live with these elements as daily life. These classes are specially concentrated on meditation accompanied by music, mantra, prayers, chanting. The yoga practitioner experiences mental peace and enriched immunity to attain salvation.

Generally it is believed that the devotees of lord Shiva, also called Shaiva people, practice Siddha Yoga. The mantra chanted in the meditation class is Om Namha Shivaya, this is the mantra chanted by Siddha Gurus and Yogis. Om Namha Shivaya is considered to be the universal prayer heard and answered by lord. Thus the yoga practitioners of all sects and religious background who follow Siddha Yoga are believed to chant this holy mantra. Scholars and Siddha Yogis say, if we chant Om Namha Sihvaya with no expectation, no fear and ego, it will lead to the union with the supreme and the almighty will answer to our prayer with blessings. We can make the almighty our guide, guru and friend if we devote our all actions, prayers, attributes and emotions to him without any expectations of return.

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  • 200 hour YTT course among a group of 10 people at Vishwa Shanti Yoga was an amazing experience. Learning how to stretch and contract your muscles, how to sit/stand, how to teach the same to masses that comprise of people from various background, thoughts and attitude – I felt like learning to become myself and accept the realities around me more clearly. In a month time, I have been a different person in my own eyes.

    Madison Ava
  • From the time I started as a yoga teacher, life has been placid and joyous but I felt incomplete. Like all other yoga students, I too had a deep desire to make a visit to the Yoga Capital, Rishikesh one day. I made it for 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Vishwa Shanti Yoga and yes, it was worth it. The motivating instructors and well managed course structure has helped me become more professional and devoted towards my work.

    Mark Schweitzer
  • Most of the time of our life is spent maintaining our businesses, completing the pending jobs and addressing other's needs. We don't have time to realize how much our body needs nurturing. I spent only a week at Vishwa Shanti Yoga School in Rishikesh and it was like each cell of my body got nurtured. It was relaxing and refreshing. To get out of your everyday schedule, get away from all the nets and ties and live a few days for yourself... you will feel certainly good. I would recommend you to go to Vishwa Shanti Yoga School to be among a team of professionals who well know how to help you live for yourself.

    Sarah Augustine